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Jay Z – Glory (Official Video)

Years later Hov finally drops the music video to Glory, the track he made for Blue Ivy that was released the day she was born. Jay dropped the video exclusively on his new Spotify rival, Tidal, however that doesn’t stop the internet. Check out the YouTube to Jay’s newest video, Glory. Produced by Pharrell btw.

Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson – So Many Pros (Official Video)

Check the official video to the second single off Snoop‘s upcoming Pharrell produced album”Bush“. Definitely one of Snoop’s better videos aside from the fact this sounds like a remix to Peaches N Cream. Either way still some groovy shit to usher us into the summer. Download this for your pops lol.

Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson – Peaches N Cream (Official Video)

Shortly after the leak of Snoop, Pharrell, and Uncle Charlie;s latest collab from Bush, Awake, we get the official video to the lead single from Snoop’s newest album with Peaches N Cream. Snoop came the fuck through on this video, by far one of his best. High expectations for Bush.

Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson – Awake


See this is wtf I’m talking about from Snoop and Pharrell! Bush is shaping up to be the lowkey summer banger/feel good music. I just hope we get another Let’s Get Blown considering the past two releases and overall tone of the album have been in the same vein as Snoop’s R&G album.

Donkey Of The Day: Robin Thicke & Pharrell

Charlamagne The God had to get Pharrell & Robin Thicke for today’s Donkey Of The Day on Power 1051′s The Breakfast Club. P and Robin Thicke lost their court battle with the family of Marvin Gaye for copyright issues with likeness between Marvin Gaye‘s Got To Give It Up versus Blurred Lines and have to pay out 7.3 MILLION dollars. Check out Charlamagne roasting the duo for getting entangled in a situation they could’ve easily avoided.

I think this is Robin Thicke’s second Donkey Of The Day, never thought I’d see the day Pharrell took the L on Donkey Of The Day lol, get better, P.

Jury Finds Pharrell & Robin Thicke Guilty Of Copying Marvin Gaye


The Associate Press reports that the ongoing trial between the Gaye Estate and Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke has ended in favor of Gaye, resulting in a $7.5 million fine for the two multiplatinum performers. Accusations that Williams and Thicke lifted significant elements of Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got To Give It Up” have flown since last year, resulting in a candid deposition wherein Williams revealed that he had written the song despite it being publicly credited to Thicke. In a verdict read this afternoon in Los Angeles, the jury concluded that similarities between the two compositions were too significant to simply indicate “inspiration,” as Thicke and Williams had tried to argue. For a more detailed look at the trail and its ramifications, head over to Billboard.

Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson – Peaches N Cream (Prod. Pharrell)


We finally get the first full offering from Snoop Dogg and the “Beautiful” team (minus Chad) from Snoop’s upcoming album produced by Pharrell titled, Bush. Sounds like the album is shaping up to be some groovy G-Funk shit. Check out the full version of the much teased track, Peaches N Cream. Cool nod to their older track “Feet Don’t Feel Me Now” but was hoping for one of those awesome Pharrell breaks. Still pretty smooth though.. #FollowTheBush

A$AP Rocky Speaks On The Death of A$AP Yams


Rocky got with Billboard to finally speak on the untimely death of Yams, his upcoming Sundance film festival debut starring in the Diddy & Pharrell produced movie, DOPE, and revealing that alongside Gnarls Barkley,Black Keys, and MF Doom, Yams is also attached to Rocky’s already finished next album as Executive Producer.

“People were saying that Yams overdosed on drugs — he didn’t overdose on any drugs,” Rocky said, though he declined to discuss the real cause of Yams’ passing. “I feel like people feel that way because that’s all he’s in pictures doing. When you see A$AP Yams you see Hennessey or purple drink, you see some type of controlled substance or illegal narcotic.”


“But Rocky insisted he’s doing all right, and that he would recover from his friend’s sudden death. “I’m a happy spirit, man, and I feel like time heals,” he said. “It’s all about good people with good energy, and the universe keeps producing them to me. I’ll be fine. God is good and I keep all hope and faith.”

“castmates, including Shameik Moore, Workaholics star Blake Anderson and model Chanel Iman, who Rocky reportedly split from in October after a six-month engagement (he declined to comment on the current state of their relationship).

“Rocky said he also was heartened by the outpouring of condolences from his peers online, including Drake, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and Azealia Banks, who tweeted that Yams should be “remembered as a leader, an innovator and most importantly as an important part of NYC youth culture.”

“Rocky revealed for the first time that Yams is co-executive producer of the still-untitled album, along with Grammy-winning producer Dangermouse (Black Keys, Gnarls Barkley, MF Doom). “Dangermouse and Yams — I’m really intrigued for people to hear how that combination sounds. Yams manifested his powers into it.”


A$AP Rocky Will Star in Pharrell & Diddy Produced Film “Dope”

A$AP Rocky will make his acting debut in a new film titled “Dope“, according to Page Six.

“Dope” will premier at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The movie, which was written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa, is a coming of age Hip Hop-oriented tale.

Within the flick, a crew of high school seniors attempt to navigate through their tough neighborhood in Inglewood, CA, but end up getting involved with some drug dealers that change their entire outlook on life.

The comedic-drama was produced by Puff Daddy, Pharrell and Forest Whitaker.

Rocky will star alongside Tyga, Casey Veggies, Zoë Kravitz, Keith Stanfield, Vince Staples, Chanel Iman and Shameik Moore, among others.

In an interview with Hot 97 in 2013, Rocky spoke to Angie Martinez about pursuing acting.

“I’m actually prepping for bigger things right now, you know, Hollywood is calling,” he said at the time.

“Dope” will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival January 22 through February 1.

Pharrell Disappointed In T.I.’s Paperwork Album


P made the cover of GQ for the trillionth time for their upcoming Music Legacy issue. During the interview he discusses his frustrations while executive producing T.I.‘s latest album, Paperwork. Check out an excerpt..

“I wasn’t happy about the T.I. situation,” Pharrell said to GQ. “They did that record hoping for radio play, and they got nothing out of it…. Great, you got your No. 1 hip-hop song. But what does that do for your sales?” Presumably speaking about T.I.’s hit singles “About The Money” featuring Young Thug and “No Mediocre” featuring Iggy Azalea.

“You want to be camouflage?” he says about the T.I. record. “Go ahead. Blend in. But we want to be that twinkle in the sky.” It’s a metaphor he likes, and it could serve as a philosophy: Being mass and being special are not mutually exclusive. “We want to be that twinkle in the sky. And you might not be able to see that star now. But it’s daytime. Wait till it gets dark.”

Also featured in the issue are St. Vincent, Sam Smith, Future, Mark Ronson, Stevie Wonder, Diplo, Kim Gordon, Rick Ross, FKA Twigs, James Blake, Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Karen O, Spoon, Nas, and Iggy Azalea. While it may seem like everything Pharrell touches turns to gold (or Platinum), a snippet of the interview touches on one of the few missteps he took in the past 12 months in T.I.’s Paperwork album, a project he executive produced. -The Stashed